A cuppa with… CHER LEWNEY

Nov 5, 2020A Cuppa With


Transformation Consultant

You’re one of the newest members of the One Consulting Team tell us about your background and career so far.

I’ve been working across local government and housing for over twenty years. I started in business improvement and ‘accidentally’ took on IT services in a housing association in North Wales in 2008! I’ve never looked back and have been lucky enough to deliver some large digital transformation programmes across the sector over the past ten years.

What’s your role in One Consulting and what’s the key expertise you bring that youthink will be of most value to One Consulting’s clients?

I am one of the Transformation Consultants and will support our clients practically in a range of different ways. As my background is not technical, I believe really strongly that technology is only there to support the functioning of the business and the delivery of services – never for its own sake. So, no matter how good technology is, if customers and frontline staff don’t think it works for them, then it’s no good! I really enjoy working with a business to define what they need and then designing the technology and the business processes to make them work effectively. I’ve done some really enjoyable work around User Experience (UX) and data and I really believe that both of those really open the door to doing things differently and better. 

What attracted you to join the One Consulting Team?

I have known Steve (the MD) for a long time, and I know that he is really committed to doing things differently and doing things well! We think alike so will work well together I think, as both of us want to think really imaginatively about how technology can be used to enable the design and delivery of services, so I know I will be supported with some of my crazier ideas!

What are you most interested in looking at over the next year?

I’m looking forward to really start contributing fully and beginning to explore partnerships across the wider public sector. I have a particular interest in the way in which public services join up (or don’t) and the impact this can have for vulnerable people trying to access the support they need.  I think we need to think smarter about how agencies work together to join up services like education, social services, GP, housing and mental health services. If we were designing those services from scratch now, we wouldn’t create the artificial barriers that exist between them; so we need to use the tools we have at our disposal now – like cloud and master data management (MDM) and BI tools – to redesign the way that services work to make it easier for people who need them to get good quality, timely integrated support from professionals. 

I’ve been lucky enough to receive funding to do a Masters by Research through Bangor University looking at the integrated design and delivery of public and third sector services, so I get to research and think about it properly as well as do it! I have also recently joined the Board of Platfform, a mental health charity based in south Wales and that really helps inform my thinking too.   

For me, when I think about technology, fixing the experience of vulnerable people accessing services is what matters.  

Finally, tell us something about you and your interests?

I am a bit of a cliché and find that by the time I have worked, studied and looked after my family, I need a wee lie down! In what feels like the very little spare time I have, I love my dog – Eric – ridiculously and I occasionally drag myself around the streets in trainers at a sedate pace and then reward myself with wine.  And that is me!