A cuppa with… NEIL IVORY

Dec 7, 2020A Cuppa With


Transformation Consultant

You’re one of the newest members of the One Consulting Team tell us about your background and career so far:

I’ve worked in consulting for longer than I can remember, mainly around what is now called transformation. 

I’m an accountant by profession and worked on projects for some major businesses helping them to get the most out of their Investment in information technology. I’m a great believer that it should be considered an investment and not just a cost or overhead. 

My main skills involve working with clients to use technology (ERP solutions, point solutions, etc.) to improve the way the organisation, the workforce and third-parties work more efficiently and happily.  This has involved spec & select, process design, implementation, training and some project management.

I’ve been lucky enough to work around the world and I’ve got some great stories about how, sometimes, the use of technology that people didn’t know about or even knew they had has improved their working. 

Some of my great experiences have been working with organisations that have saved considerable amounts of money by utilising what they have got! This is a difficult point to get across sometimes but the functionality built in to systems is often not used to its full potential and by making some fundamental changes in the way you think and utilise the opportunities already available can do wonders. I’ve also learnt a lot about improving things by talking to everyone whose job touches a system no matter how limited that touch might be.

What’s your role in One Consulting and what’s the key expertise you bring that you think will be of most value to One Consulting’s clients?

My role within One Consulting is Transformation Consultant.  We live in a world where technology is changing the way we all work, communicate, play and interact with each other. Just look at how, within a very short space of time, many of us have adapted to working at home with little or no loss of functionality within the business systems we use.

However, that’s not the whole picture, the world, having changed in terms of IT, is on a new voyage; a third or fourth revolution if you will. My role within the organisation is to help our clients to understand what’s available, how it would affect them and help them implement it to ensure they achieve their goals, aims and strategies. Bearing in mind that many organisation have to change their strategies to ensure they can survive in the new world.

This means that we are now more and more capable of automating many of the processes used throughout an organisation and I know automation is nothing new but the capability of modern systems and the amount of data that we collect means that we have to reconsider our approach to improve how we work, how we deal with colleagues and third parties and, most importantly, our customers.  This coupled with the amount of data that can be collected from multiple sources gives us all an opportunity to improve our organisation in terms of achieving the goals and aims as well as helping the customer base.

What attracted you to join the One Consulting Team?

I’d like to say that it was working in Manchester but being a Liverpool supporter, that’s not going to be the truth. I’ve known Steve Repton, for a long time and we both seem to think the same and have a similar approach in how we can help. Plus, it gives me the chance to get him to support Liverpool and play rugby!

In the role of consultancy, our aim is to improve the way a client works and operates in the most profitable way possible whilst working with the customer base to help them and I think the methodology that has been and is still being developed by One Consulting is brilliant; I want to be a part of it.

You’re a number of weeks into the role now.. what are your first impressions? Has anything surprised you?

My first impression is that there is so much to do out there and people are very willing to invest in the future. We work mainly in the Social Housing, NHS, Local Authority and Charity sectors and they are more than willing to invest in their futures by leveraging the use of information technology. Not an easy choice to make in this day and age. The other thing that has both impressed me and surprised me is that there is also a massive appetite for change across the public sector as well, from the top down.

What are you most looking forward to over the next year?

I’m looking forward to learning about a new market vertical, there’s a lot to get my head around, but the skills and knowledge I have are very transferable. Having only been with the business a couple of weeks I’m looking forward to working on my first project with a new client base, new colleagues and ways of thinking.

I’m sure our followers would be interested in hearing more about you and your interests?

I’m married to Ann and we have two children who both live and work around London both, coincidentally, in the consulting sector so it seems they’re a chip of the old block. 

In terms of interest I’m a big sports fan who supports the greatest team in the world…yes, Liverpool. However, my greatest love, on a personal basis, is rugby (union); I played the game for longer than my body wanted to (I still think that I could get a call up to Eddie’s team) but I now coach my club’s Colts team and love every second of it. It amazes me how the team has grown over the years and it amazes me how they take what we give them and improve on in…I love it to see it!

A final thought?

This is a bit of a cliché, but this COVID-19 problem has given us all an opportunity to improve on everything we do both in terms of business and personally. Grab the opportunity with both hands; we adapted to the problem very quickly and used solutions that, to be honest, have been around for a long time so let’s improve on that and get back