About Us

We are a management and digital technology consultancy business.  

An innovative and dynamic consultancy practice, offering a wide portfolio of advisory services. Our team has a long history and depth of experience of working in the social housing, local government and care sectors as well as experience across other sectors enabling us to deliver our services to a broad client base.  

With our head office in Manchester, UK, our team is fully agile enabling us to work from anywhere.  

The way we do business is underpinned by Our Pillars and Our Values which guide what we do and how we do it. 

Our people

Our people are driven by a passion to make a difference.

Our vision is to be the consultancy that businesses go to because they want to evolve and transform and because they want to work with people that do things a little differently to what you might expect from a team of consultants.

Our ideas 

We provide the best possible outcomes for our clients helping them to:

  • realise the enabling benefits that technology and digital innovation can bring
  • have assurance that IT and Digital services are being delivered in the best possible way
  • drive transformation through people and culture change

By combining the three elements above we identify how IT and Digital services can underpin the foundations for future change and transformation and we provide advice on how to connect digital strategies and plans to what businesses actually need and want to achieve to ensure strategic business alignment.

Our experience

We help our clients to implement and embed transformation through an end to end “connected” approach or via discreet consultancy engagements.

Our approach and our solutions are always benefit and outcome driven enabling our clients to remain viable, compliant, and well governed.

We are proud of our track record working across sectors including social housing, health, care, local government and charity and other private sector organisations.

Connect with us

0344 326 1221