Empowering the Workforce through Technology

Nov 10, 2020Talking Points

Neil Ivory, Transformation Consultant

It’s been said that we live in strange times, that we’re all having to adapt to a “New Norm” but hasn’t this been the case for a number of years? Haven’t we all been working with apps on our phones for years? In fact there’s a whole generation of the workforce who couldn’t get from A to B without an app on their phone to tell them the way. However, there is an argument to say that this technical revolution has not been as successful when we use our business systems.

There has been, for a long time a considerable amount of time, systems that can aid the workforce to carry out the administrative, transactional and management tasks. When we buy a new Enterprise wide solution, it takes a lot of effort to implement it and the workforce gets to a point where they get the system implemented and are so pleased that they forget the second part of the project…leveraging the technology to empower the workforce.

A system only becomes an investment when all of the capabilities of the systems are used to empower all workers, from the purchase ledger clerk to the Chief Financial Officer and the call centre operative to the Chief Customer Officer to carry out their work quickly, efficiently and right first time. This means that the workflows, processes, interventions, SLAs, KPIs and data to allow this must be considered up front and become part of the implementation.

In the next article we’ll talk about automating transactional tasks such as posting an invoice, entering a customer contact or placing a purchase order using workflow processes to take the effort out of it to empower the workforce to concentrate on meeting the goals and aims of the organisation. Give me a call if you’d like to talk this concept through. It can save money, time and, more importantly, empower the workforce.