At One Consulting we’re committed to making a positive difference and giving something back to the communities around us. We’re particularly passionate about supporting charities that tackle homelessness, mental health issues, and disadvantaged or and those that provide support and wellbeing services to young people.

To help achieve this, our employees are provided with 2 days paid leave per year to take part in volunteering initiatives that support charities, communities, and individuals in need.

We believe that in addition to making a difference to those in need, employee volunteering encourages our people to meet new people and forge meaningful relationships, challenges themselves, build new skills and add variety to their work and life.

Everything we do, in business and in our charitable endeavours, is driven by our core values – to care, to trust, to deliver.

We’re passionate about supporting community initiatives, and are continually looking for opportunities to give something back to the people that will most benefit from our help.

It’s our belief that every person should have a right to safe housing and access to health services, food and personal supplies. We also believe that everyone should have access to education, self-development, training and employment opportunities, and therefore, these are initiatives we are committed to supporting whenever possible.

We fully support the digital agenda and believe that everyone should have access to critical online services, digital technology and the opportunities that they can provide. It’s our belief that technology should be affordable and internet connectivity should be treated as the fourth utility so everyone has access to the support and opportunities they need to survive and thrive.


Working with our partners to support communities and less fortunate people that need our help the most.

Actively supporting (through our ambassador status) the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Digital Taskforce, promoting its work and leveraging our skills and knowledge in order to reduce digital poverty and digital exclusion.

Supporting less fortunate young people and their families by donating computing equipment we no longer have a use for.

Sharing our technical knowhow and knowledge, to upskill and help people that will benefit from our expertise.

Harnessing the relationships we have within the technology supply community to support innovative thinking which may help address issues around digital access.

Partnering with organisations who supply innovative solutions and provide consultancy services that aid integrated care and support for residents within the Social Housing Sector, in order to improve lives.



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